Wooden Sea Sponge Duo / 2 Pieces


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Wooden Sea Sponge Duo / 2 Scenery Figures

Our wooden seaweeds are made from of lightweight pine wood. The sponges are stained in shades of yellowy-tan with brown details.

Please note: For the sponge effect, we drill holes into the figure at random placing. No two sponges will look alike. The drilling can sometimes cause slight uneven tearing around the holes (visible in these product photos) which we sand smooth, but are left as part of the overall natural look.

  • Size: The larger sponge is 8x5cm, and the smaller sponge is 5,5x3cm. Approx 5cm thick.
  • Smooth and splinter free. For the wood used click here.
  • We use child-safe paints and a child-safe finish (Danish oil)
  • Rounded, splinter free edges
  • Semi-transparent stains complement the natural wood grain

For more information about our wooden figures please read our care guide.

Dimensions 21 × 17 × 6 cm