The Creation Set (20 Pieces)


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The Creation of the World Set / 20 Pieces

Bring God’s seven day Creation from Genesis to life for your children with this 21 piece set. Starting from day one, the set can be built up day to day, ending with a beautiful garden of Eden.

The plaques can be laid flat (best for play), or you can  prop up one half of the semi circle to create a beautiful scene. Please note that you will need to place some sort of bracket at the back to keep it standing upright. This method is better for display than play.

This set contains the following pieces for the 6 days of Creation (He rested on the 7th day):

  • Day 1: Light and dark. Black and white semi circles.
  • Day 2: Skies and Sea. Day sky and ocean plaques.
  • Day 3: Land, plants and trees. Land plaque, tree, tulip plant and two shrubs.
  • Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars. Sun plaque and night sky plaque with moon and stars.
  • Day 5: Birds and Fish. Sperm whale, swordfish, toucan and bird nest.
  • Day 6: Animals and Man. Lion, hare, panda bear, Adam and Eve.


  • Full circle, when assembled: 40x40cm
  • Adam and Eve figures: 10cm high
  • Sperm Whale: 23x12cm
  • Tree: 21x10cm
  • Toucan: 4x7cm

Some information:

  • All plaques are cut from 9mm birch, and the figures from solid ash wood. For more info on the used wood, click here.
  • We use child-safe paints and a child-safe finish (Danish oil)
  • Rounded, splinter free edges
  • Light stains complement the natural wood grain

For more information about our wooden figures please read our care guide.

Weight 2.5 kg

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