Picket Fence Set / 3 Pieces


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Picket Fence Set / (3 Wooden Fences)

Our wooden Picket fence is made from solid ash and is unpainted, thus giving the beautiful grain line a place to shine. Each fence can slot into the other, or be used individually. They even stack, making them very versatile. This set has three fences: we suggest building a collection of 9 or 12 over time, for best play options.

Some more information regarding the wooden figures

  • Sizing: Each fence is approx 13x6x1.5cm 
  • Smooth and splinter free. For the wood used click here.
  • We use child-safe paints and a child-safe finish (Danish oil)
  • Shaped figure, with rounded, splinter free edges
  • Semi-transparent stains complement the natural wood grain

For more information about our wooden figures please read our care guide.

Weight 0.5 kg

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