Coral Tree (Lucky-bean Tree) – Deluxe Edition (with screw)


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Deluxe Coral Tree

Our deluxe coral tree (lucky-bean tree) features extra foliage on both sides, giving it a more real and three dimensional look. The foliage is painted in vibrant sunset shades with a dark brown trunk. The tree is beautifully shaped and rounded, giving extra dimension.

Our deluxe range trees all come with a removable base. They can stand upright with or without the base, although the base does make them more steady. The tree and base is cut from solid ash hardwood.

  • Sizing: Tree: 15x24cm and approx 50mm thick. Base: 5x15x1.5cm.
  • Smooth and splinter free. For the wood used click here.
  • We use child-safe paints and a child-safe finish (Danish oil)
  • Rounded, splinter free edges
  • Semi-transparent stains complement the natural wood grain

For more information about our wooden figures please read our care guide.

Weight 0.411 kg
Dimensions 17 × 72 × 24 cm

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