love.dominique is now Good Shepherd Toys

In December 2019 we re-branded love.dominique to Good Shepherd Toys, to better reflect the goodies that we make.

Since 2005 we have been making exclusive wooden nursery decor and toys. In 2009 we dropped the toys to fully focus on nursery decor. However, in 2019 it became obvious that we were ready for a change. The massive success of the wooden toys that we were making again besides the decor (think of the Nativity Set, the Pocket Saints, the wooden animals) showed us what direction to take: we had found a new love for wooden toys; but this time meaningful toys. With that we mean that our toys are based on Christian reality and that they should be instrumental in providing a wholesome childhood. And that is what Good Shepherd Toys stands for.

You can start exploring our new brand by clicking here, or browse our product categories below.

  • Bible Figures

    Bible Figures

    Wooden figures to let your children play out scenes from the Bible.
  • God's Creation

    God's Creation

    Wooden animals from God's creation.
  • Patron Saints

    Patron Saints

    Wooden patron saint figures. A great gift for a Baptism, Confirmation or First Communion, or for in the Easter basket!
  • Sets


    Easy to buy sets of wooden toys made by Good Shepherd Toys.